97 THINGS TO DO BEFORE I TURN 97: Last Day To Enter The Contest!

97 THINGS TO DO BEFORE I TURN 97: Last Day To Enter The Contest!


Mini stories of things throughout my childhood years. Sharing my first year of school and the many things that we did, also how we enjoyed playing at home with our friends and family. My childhood memories can never be taken from me, they are in a storage tank to share for a lifetime. My children and grandchildren can enjoy my storytelling hour because there is so much to share. My parents were able to raise us with a strong family background and good ethics; so that we could instill this in our children when we became adults.

It's my first school year; oh so many children, new friends to meet, old friends to share with. How wonderful it's going to be, going to school learning and playing daily. Children love to have fun and Kindergarten brings about a lot of fun. We color; draw, paint, count numbers, listen to story telling, learn nursery rhymes and so much more. One thing that stands out in my mind is snack time, we get cookies and milk, yummy. Everyday, they give us a different cookie; chocolate chips, sugar drops, vanilla cream, etc. Later we go to lunch and after that it's recess time. Fun, fun, fun, we can jump rope, run around and play tag, all types of games. The boys mostly play with the balls, volley ball, basketball and sometimes they allow us to join them. It's lots of fun at school, being a child is a wonderful time in life. There are no real responsibilities, just experiences, joy and lots of love to spread around. Sometimes children can be a handful, they can be mean and do sneaky things. I loved growing up and learning with the other children and my family. After school, we would go home and then once our choirs were done, Mommy would let us go out and play until the lights came on.

We would play on the Monkey Bars, play skelleys. Skelly's was a game we played on the ground, you have to make a big square and each corner has a numbered box. When it's your turn, you have to get the lowdies top into that square in order to score points and win. A lowdies top was a bottle cap, filled with melted wax, this made it heavy enough for us to shoot across the square. Some children had go carts to ride in or some people called them scooters.

Today, we don't have many fun games, everything is electronic and children don't enjoy the life that we had when we were younger. I truely can say that my growing up was a great experience. I have much that I can share with my children about the things that I did and enjoyed. All of the fun that we had didn't costs our parents a lot of money, if any at all and we enjoyed every minute of our young life. Children didn't get into so much trouble back then and we had so much more respect for adults. Now, you can barely say anything to a lot of these children because they might snap your head off (LOL) or curse you out.

I cherish my memories, hope you have some to share.